Friday, 18 March 2011

Cars Queuing at Filling Station

Just before another tax rise I took this photo of car's queuing for petrol and diesel fuel.  This was taken at Tesco on sunny winters day.

Bowl of Porridge, steaming, with no topping

A white bowl of steaming Porridge sitting on a wicker mat, with a silver / chrome spoon to the right hand side.

Twinings Earl Grey Tin & Tea

My first post had to be something close to my heart.  A beautiful Yellow & Gold tin of Earl Grey.  I love drinking Earl Grey with a dash of milk. Lovely!

Tuesday, 8 March 2011


Welcome to my blog, I hope you find your stay productive.

Sometime ago when I started blogging I found myself wanting to add a picture or two to my blog to add a little bit of movement. What I found when searching Google was that there were plenty of website able to offer me pictures but I needed pay for them. For a personal hobby blog I felt this was unjustified.

So today, 9th March 2011, I decided to offer a wide range of pictures for free use. There are three conditions if you want to use them, they are:
  1. You add a link to on the page(s) you use this images on
  2. All images must clearly display © on or immediately beside them 
  3. For personal, no-profit use only *(see footnote)
If you wish to add to the photos please email us with a large format copy of your image, your name, place take, keywords associated with the image, and any other information you feel relevant to the image. If we feel the image is useful to the site we will post it within a couple of weeks. We reserve the right to alter the image & its information before posting.

Many thanks for visiting and I hope you make use of the site.

*Note: Any use of the images or content of this site for commercial or financial gain are strictly prohibited. If you wish to use them for commercial or profit making means please email us directly with details of use, and we shall discuss terms/fees.